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Blue Magazine

Issue II 'The Muse'

Blue magazine is a celebration of Black beauty, of Black joy, of the Black gaze.

Anna Fearon is the Editor and founder of Blue Magazine. The publication was created out of her own frustration at the limited and token representation of Black beauty within the fashion industry. It is so important to celebrate the diversity of Blackness, of all skin shades, features and hair texture, there is not one representation of Blackness, Blue Magazine is apart of a growing narrative of Black image making.

Issue II explores the theme 'The Muse', a reclamation of the Black gaze. The issue has the shares the same title as Anna Fearon's first short film, 'The Muse'. This issue of Blue Magazine shares similar themes, and explores the role of the Black photographer in decolonising the camera and taking power over a visual medium that for so long has been weaponised against us, and of defining our own narratives and centring our gaze. Emphasising the importance of being seen, through our own lenses.

The magazine can be seen as two halves, of gazing and turning your gaze upon yourself. The first half is a series of editorials celebrating Black beauty. Including a beautiful 20 page story 'By us for us' featuring fashion only by Black designers.

The second half of the issue photographer and Editor Anna Fearon turns the lens upon herself in a series of intimate self portraits exploring identity, the politics of Black beauty, queerness and healing through mental illness. The photography is accompanied with prose and poetry.

"Taking ownership of our image, and creating joyous and true representation, by us for us
is so important. We now have a generation of young people growing up who are starting to
see themselves reflected and as image makers it is our duty to create our own narratives to empower and uplift. Blue Magazine is all about being seen, but most importantly of how we see ourselves.”

- Anna Fearon 

Available to order online and stocked in The Photographers Gallery, London. 

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